Hi, I'm Istvan!

iOS and Web Developer

Lifelong learner and creator. I love coding and technology. But what really gets me going is working on products that have a purpose, or products that just make people happy.

I've worked on various different iOS and web projects ranging from simple time-waster games to an advanced laboratory voice assistant application and many others in between.

Recently I've been workin as an independent iOS and web developer. Check out the Projects page to see some of my past works.

If you want to hire me or just get in touch, you can reach me at:hello@istvan-kreisz.comor any of the social media links below..

Personal details:


NYC, New York


+1 (347) 941-2889



A little about me:

I'm Hungarian-American dual citizen, born in the US but grew up in Hungary. After high school I moved to the US to do my studies there. I graduated as an electrical engineer in 2017 only to realize that my true passion was software development. So I did a bit of a career change and took a deep dive into the world of softtware development.

I started my career as an iOS developer. I worked as an iOS developer for 2 startups (LabTwin and SidelineSwap) and was the co-founder and lead developer of a company creating a game that reached the #2 spot on the US App Store and got millions of downloads. More recently I learned web development and degined, built and launched two products: CopDeck, a sneaker inventory manager and price comparison app, and Hide & Seek World, an online multiplayer game.

I always keep learning because software development is a very fast changing world, where you must keep up with the latest technologies and trends. Besides my passion for coding I'm a huge fan of history and an avid traveler, having travelled in Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe.